About the Journal

Welwitschia International Journal of Agricultural Sciences (WIJAS) publishes original and review papers, surveys, experiments, case studies, technical reports, viewpoints, book reviews, notes, commentaries and news in various agriculture and natural resources disciplines. Journal maintains high-quality publication of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of scientific excellence.

The journal aims to transform the world of agricultural research by publishing the most exciting research in the field of agricultural sciences and natural resources. The thrust of the journal is to provide a pool of modern research findings in the area of agriculture and natural resources in an integrated manner thereby improving accessibility of information for improved production systems, improved food security, poverty alleviation, and sustainable natural resources management.

Focus and scope

The aim of WIJAS is to publish research on the science and technology of crop and animal production, biosecurity, and postharvest handling of produce, agricultural technology, management of the natural resource base for agricultural production (land, soil and water), rural management and agricultural development, and agriculture in changing environments. Accordingly, the scope of the journal for the consideration of submissions is set out in more detail below:

The Journal publishes research in eight broad categories of agriculture and natural sciences namely:

  1. Agriculture Economics & Marketing
  2. Animal Science
  3. Crop Science
  4. Food Science and Technology
  5. Fisheries and aquatic sciences
  6. Integrated Environmental Science and Forestry
  7. Veterinary science & Veterinary Medicine
  8. Wildlife Management and Ecotourism