Usanifishaji wa Kiswahili Afrika Mashariki: Changamoto na namna ya kukabiliana nazo

  • Mussa M. Hans


The process of standardizing Kiswahili language started before East African countries attained independence. Despite adopting different objectives and methods, the process has been ongoing even after independence of the East African countries. When discussing this process, it is of paramount importance to take into consideration the growth of terminologies, especially scientific and technological terms, which are created almost on a daily basis. It is also important to take cognizance of an increase in the number of universities in this region in which Kiswahili is one of the subjects studied by many students. Taking into consideration the fact that Kiswahili is the medium of the subject’s instructions these universities, students need sufficient textbooks and reference books written in Kiswahili, among other things. As such, East African Community member states need standard terms in various sectors, including research. This being the case, it is important to carefully coordinate the process of standardizing Kiswahili terms for use in various domains of the East African Community. The main objective of this article, therefore, is to examine the challenges of standardizing Kiswahili in the new East African Community. The article also provides recommendations on what can be done best to facilitate effective use of Kiswahili language among East African Community member states.


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