A model for language of science interpretation: Rhetorical understanding of climate change scientific discourse


  • Gerson Sindano University of Namibia


Keywords: model, science interpretation, rhetorical, discourse


The study explored the dynamics of the rhetoric of the models on climate change publications. The model for the language of science interpretation presented in this research paper was developed from the analysis of climate change publications. Additionally, the arguments presented in this study were drawn from a theoretical framework that saw rhetorical argument and discourse as a significant feature of science publications. The language filter model of science interpretation presented was intended to demystify the language of science. It clearly shows how knowledge as perceived by scientists goes through different stages before it reaches the consumers of that knowledge. Afterwards, the perceived knowledge goes through language interpretation and language is arguably affected by time. Regardless of how careful scientists can be in describing the observable elements of phenomena, cultural meanings and cultural bias are likely to subvert the aim of objectivity. The study adopted a qualitative approach. By employing a qualitative approach, the emphasis was to discover and understand the epistemological dynamics of the rhetoric of science interpretations. Rhetorical interpretations of science publications seem to be multifaceted, thus, requiring a research design that enabled such complexity to be analysed and explored. The study concluded that models seemed to be effective in dealing with large information; they, however, lack the epistemological and ontological interconnections between science and public interest.


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Author Biography

Gerson Sindano, University of Namibia

Gerson Sindano is a senior lecturer in the Language Centre, University of Namibia. He holds a B.Ed degree, English (Honours), MA in English studies and a PhD in English studies. His research interest is in the area of rhetoric, indigenous knowledge, education and climate change. Email: gsindano@unam.na




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