Doing Theology in my context

Sharing my Theological Method


  • H. R. Tjibeba University of Namibia



theology, Church, Triune God


Theology is not an abstract phenomenon. It arises from one`s social conditioning such as upbringing, life experiences, and education. This article is an analytical reflection of my theology journey based on my context. I seek to revisit my theological thought and acumen over years of ministry in the poorest communities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN). To this end, I theologise my theological approach in ministry which is informed by context and takes account of social realities coupled with social responsibilities and actions or by taking praxis seriously. Thus, my theology, both in teaching and practice has been to view and administer the Word of God and Sacraments within its contemporary social relevance. Differently expressed, doing theology is a critical reflection on Christian praxis in the light God’s Word. It is a transformative social action, moral obligations and imperatives by seeking world peace and socio-politicoeconomic justice for all. In short, the art of knowing is never a purely passive contemplation on abstract truth claims but it is an act involving the totality of theology, anthropology, and social ethics of the human reality here on Mother Earth. God acts among us human, in creation and in contemporary socio-politico-cultural and economic issues and dynamics. In other words, my theological studies, experiences and teaching are formed through my upbringing and training and the years in which I have been teaching theology and religion at the Paulinum Theological Seminary and at the University of Namibia respectively. 


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H. R. Tjibeba, University of Namibia

Dr H. R. Tjibeba is Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities, Society, and Development, University of Namibia.
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